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Cabana Pool & Spa offers residential pool maintenance throughout the year and will tailor our maintenance packages to suit your individual needs. We do all the hard work so that you may simply relax and enjoy your investment.

Before we get started with a maintenance package, we will thoroughly inspect the pool system to ensure the equipment is in good working order. Once the pool and equipment have been inspected, we will tailor the maintenance plan to match your personal preference and the needs of your pool system.

Services Offered for Pool Maintenance

• On-site water analysis and balancing
• Brush and scrub tile line and stairs or vinyl liner and coping
• Vacuum and brush pool
• Clean skimmer baskets and scrub inside skimmer housing
• Backwash sand filter and clean out all pump baskets
• Full inspection of pool equipment to ensure safety and efficiency
• Clean pool equipment
• Administration of solar salt (as required)
• Administration of pool chemicals (as required)

Swimming Pool Services & Repairs

pool-services-01Our goal is to ensure that your system runs optimally and efficiently. Therefore, Cabana Pool & Spa offers a wide variety of repair services—from precise pump and motor replacements, filter and heater upgrades, to new plumbing for better performance. Plumbing upgrades can greatly reduce the hassle of pumps not priming or circulating the pool system effectively. Our goal is to make your system user friendly.

pool-services-02Cabana pool and spa offers a wide variety of pool liner patterns to improve the appearance of your swimming pool, and are designed and built with reinforcements in order to withstand the variance of west coast weather.

Unlike the more conventional concrete pools, those with vinyl liners are virtually maintenance free. Our vinyl liner replacement services include detailed repair work on pool floors and slopes, in order to allow the best possible fit for many years of enjoyment.

pool-services-03Are you a pool owner looking to use an alternative to chlorine? Due to the smell and skin sensitive allergies caused by chlorine, we recommend a salt water system for your pool so that you may able to enjoy it with comfort.

Manual and programmable saltwater conversion kits are available and can be installed within hours. Once the retrofit is complete, Cabana Pool & Spa offers an onsite customer orientation on how to use your new system, and how to maintain the salt levels within your pool.

Another option for reducing chemical load and dependency on chlorine in your swimming pool is through a UV or Ozone sanitization. These systems will assist in removing algae, aerating and eliminating odors in the water. UV and ozone systems will additionally help to beautify and revitalize your pool’s water. Furthermore, the process is chemical-free and non-toxic.

pool-services-04If you are looking for a more efficient pump and heater system, Cabana Pool & Spa offers a wide variety of variable speed pumps that use up to 75% less energy, and can perform the minimum required tasks within the swimming pool when it is not being enjoyed.

Adjustable speed pool pumps are ever increasing in popularity, particularly for those who are environmentally conscious. Additionally, pool heating systems are trending in a more eco-friendly direction as well. (it is seen that pool heating demands have increased with cooler west coast weather in the spring as well) Cabana pool offers gas heating and heat pump systems that work up to an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating. Once the pool has reached its desired temperature, pool solar heating panels and pool solar blankets work to maintain your pool water temperature and greatly reduce use on your heater. (if you need your heater at all)

pool-services-05When assisting customers with a proper cover, best suited to their individual needs, safety and efficiency are two of our main goals. We offer a wide range of pool covers from automatic and deck lock safety covers to thermal, solar blankets and cover roller systems.

Safety Covers: For child safety, automatic and manual deck mount cover systems are the most popular of options. These cover systems can be installed on virtually any pool that has enough area surrounding it. These systems are also wonderful for reducing chemical demand in pool water, heat loss as well as evaporation. Another child safety cover option is the deck lock system, which is a most cost efficient alternative to the deck mount system. The deck lock system is also aesthetically pleasing and aids in pool cleanliness, just as the alternive solution does.

Summer Thermal and Solar Blankets: The two most common summer covers, thermal and solar, will assist in maintaining pool water temperature especially during cooler evenings. Solar and thermal blankets are mounted to an optional manual roller system making it user-friendly. After a pool has been winterizes, we use winter covers and water bags to protect the pool, and to keep it clean during the winter months. Simple considerations such as these make for fast spring pool openings.


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• LED lighting solutions
• Automated control systems for pool pumps and solar
• In-home heat exchangers
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• Swimming pool suction cleaners
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