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• Pool Maintenance (see details below)

Cabana Pool & Spa offers residential pool maintenance throughout the year and will tailor our maintenance packages to suit your individual needs. We do all the hard work so that you may simply relax and enjoy your investment.

Before we get started with a maintenance package, we will thoroughly inspect the pool system to ensure the equipment is in good working order. Once the pool and equipment have been inspected, we will tailor the maintenance plan to match your personal preference and the needs of your pool system.

Services Offered for Pool Maintenance

• On-site water analysis and balancing
• Brush and scrub tile line and stairs or vinyl liner and coping
• Vacuum and brush pool
• Clean skimmer baskets and scrub inside skimmer housing
• Backwash sand filter and clean out all pump baskets
• Full inspection of pool equipment to ensure safety and efficiency
• Clean pool equipment
• Administration of solar salt (as required)
• Administration of pool chemicals (as required)

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