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• Pumps and Motors

• Filters

• Heaters

• Control Systems

• Ozone and UV Conversions

• Salt Water Conversions

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• Spa Maintenance (see details below)

Cabana Pool & Spa offers residential spa maintenance throughout the year and will tailor our maintenance packages to suit your individual needs. We do all the hard work so that you may simply relax and enjoy your investment.

Before we get started with a maintenance package, we will thoroughly inspect your spa system to ensure the equipment is in good working order. Once the spa and equipment have been inspected, we will tailor the maintenance plan to match your personal preference and the needs of your spa system.

Services Offered for Hot Tub / Spa Maintenance

• On-site water analysis and balancing
• Brush, vacuum and net spa water
• Clean skimmer baskets
• Clean filter cartridges (as required)
• Full inspection of spa equipment to ensure safety and efficiency
• Clean spa cover (as required)

*Note: It is recommended that spas/hot tubs be drained, filled and balanced every three to four months for optimal bather satisfaction and safety.

Hot Tub / Spa Services & Repairs

spa-services-01Cabana Pool & Spa offers a detailed retrofit package for customers with hot tubs that remain in great shape, but perhaps the pump and control equipment are tired. This update will allow the customer to extend the life of their existing hot tub, allowing it to become more efficient, to maintain a proper temperature, to be more user friendly, and to have more consistent filter cycles. Dependant on the type of hot tub system, our retrofit packages generally include:

• Upgraded high performance pump and motor
• User-friendly digital control mounted on hot tub for easy access
• Efficient spa pack with heater
• Spa pack and pump mounting plate
• Isolation ball or gate valves
• Filter canister & filter cartridge (if required)
• Silent circulation pump (if required)
• Replacement GFCI breaker (if required)
• Replacement jet inserts (optional)
• Led light (optional)
• Ozone purification (optional)
• Replacement headrests (if available)
• Hot tub covers (optional)
• Hot tub cover lift bars (optional)

spa-services-02Cabana Pool & Spa offers repairs for a wide range of hot tub makes and models. Whether you are looking to have a small or large repair done on your investment, Cabana Pool & Spa will service the problem, and inspect the entire hot tub control system to ensure that it is running safely. As part of our service, we will inform you of any possible issues that could become a problem in future. Our hot tub repairs include pump and motor rebuilds and replacements, heater element replacements, filter housings, thermostat and all controls, as well as jets and ozone purification systems.

spa-services-03Cabana Pool & Spa offers a wide range of hot tub covers with an array of color options, from economy to energy efficient, flat to taper. We supply you with quality, high-grade UV resistant vinyl, that are designed with reinforced double handles and plastic safety locks. All of our covers are equipped with an aluminum channel on the hinge and inserts are that sealed with a moisture barrier.

Before ordering your new cover, we recommend an initial visit in order to measure the hot tub and to ensure the best possible fit. Once the hot tub cover is ready, we will deliver and set up the new cover and dispose the old cover if needed. For added protection on your new hard cover, we also carry floating thermal blankets and solar covers. These covers are best if cut to fit the inside area of your hot tub. To prolong the life of your cover and to make it more user-friendly, we offer a series of hot tub cover lift bars and shelves. When on-site, we will recommend which cover lift assist works best with your hot tub and cover.

spa-services-04Hot tub ozone sanitization and UV offer the very same benefits as a swimming pool; however, it additionally lowers the frequency on hot tub drains and refills, reduces the chlorine and bromine demand, and eliminates bad odors from chlorine resistant bacteria. Cabana Pool & Spa installs a variety of systems, dependant on the size of your hot tub or swim spa.

spa-services-05Cabana Pool & Spa carries a wide range of spa care maintenance products and chemicals needed in order for you to properly maintain your pool and/or spa. Please contact us and let us know of your needs, and we will be sure we reserve the products and deliver them to you on your next service visit.